How can you utilise video production for your business?


if you were able to show someone what you do, why you do it, and what makes you different in two minutes.

And then

imagine being able to connect those two minutes to a technology that’s not limited by your time or space (the Internet).


imagine that two minute video exponentially driving more sales, more awareness and more connections…

That’s how.

…and that’s only the beginning of what video can do for your business!



Understanding the goals is the most important part of any video project. I work closely with you to choose the right type of content, platforms, and message for your audience.


I take care of everything during the filming by being well organised, friendly and professional. We use the latest 4k pro cameras and equipment for every project.


Editing is where I put the pieces together and bring your video to life. I have over 10 years experience creating engaging videos for a wide range of audiences.

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What Our Clients Say.

Lee Randall-Pybus
Your Partnerships

Matchcut Video Production are one of the most professional businesses I’ve come across in the media industry. The key to their success is through the company owner Mike Tucker who’s knowledge of production is second to none and the fact that he is an all-round nice, approachable guy who makes sure the client achieves 100% satisfaction

Dale Triffit
Clothing Your Way

Matchcut Video Production has produced a number of videos for Clothing Your Way. Very professional all the way through production and delivery.

Jenny Bindon

Mike is a very talented and trustworthy person when catering to your video needs. I recently worked on a couple of projects with Mike and he not only made it fun through his personality but he also produces high-quality footage. Highly recommend Mike for all my videoing needs.

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