Drone and Aerial Video

and Photography

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (such as drones) provide a unique perspective for capturing video and photos. With the ability to fly up to 120m in the air, they allow us to capture amazing shots of buildings, locations and other points of interest that would be impossible to see from the ground.

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Getting your worksite or shop captured from a new angle and in a creative way can really help you find and entice new customers. Aerial and drone footage add a creative edge to any video shoot and we use the latest in drone technology and equipment to capture stunning aerial footage.

Aerial footage can prove wonderful for your sales for every type of business from start up to large established businesses. They not only give an outlook on the workplace but also capture the scenery and experience your customers should expect when they visit your workplace or shop.

This is a tested method for advertisement and gives promising results. Many entrepreneurs, as well as well established businesses, use this effective and engaging way to advertise their new branches and outlets.

All you have to do is show the area you want to cover, and I will do the rest of the work myself. You will see astounding results in a short time.

Providing Qualified and Insured Aerial Videography and Photography Services

Any and all Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (such as drones) in the UK  must be operated in accordance with CAA guidelines. These are basic rules that every UAV operator must follow, which are detailed on NATS and the CAA’s Dronesafe website.

As part of these rules, companies undertaking commercial aerial work must have a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the CAA. Matchcut Videography holds a full PfCO and £5 million public liability insurance.

Our pilot, Mike, holds the relevant NQE in UAV operation that the CAA requires. Mike is covered by our PfCO and our insurance for carrying out commercial aerial work for clients. As long as we can meet the “Drone Code”, we can fly for you.