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Is your LinkedIn in need of a refresh... or do you not know where to start with your profile?

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How it Works.


Your LinkedIn profile page is the foundation for your personal branding. Working with our professional team will give you a competitive advantage.

All we need from you are your ideas. We’ll ask you to fill in a short interactive form, designed to tease out all the important information we need to make you look and sound your best.

Why spend time you don’t have? When you can come to our studio, get it professionally shot, edited, animated, subtitled, graphics and a call to action added… We’ll even export it in the correct dimensions and do a promo post to our audience so they see you.

Your Ideas

Tell us all about you and what makes you special.


Our clever team creates your profile content.


I’ll share your shiny new video to my audience, let’s get that ball rolling!

Want to transform your profile?

Bespoke Banner Design

Your banner is the first thing customers see when they land on your socials.

Whether you want your social banner to be on-trend, instructive or just something to stand out from the crowd, having a banner is key to leaving a lasting impression. We’ve tried and tested styles, meaning you get the best results.

Cover Photo

People with custom cover photos get more connection requests, more messages, and more job interviews. But hardly anyone takes advantage of this.

Our brand photography expert will take a new headshot for your profile. Using her top tips and tricks to make you look fantastic.

30 Second Cover Video

LinkedIn has a new video cover story option, which enables users to add an introductory video that people can view when they visit their LinkedIn listing.

I give your video a professional feel. Self-shot on your phone, or professional shot by me, I add name tags, branding and motion graphics to make you really stand out.

Supported DIY

£ 99.00

I'll edit it for you.
  • Script Support
  • Animation
  • Edit including brand colours
  • End Card with CTA
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Done for you!

From £ 149

I'll take care of everything
  • Script Support
  • Filmed by our team
  • Animation
  • Edit including brand colours
  • End Card with CTA
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Profile RefreshBest Value

From £ 249

Get a profile makeover
  • Social Banner
  • Cover Video
  • Headshot
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