“After re-branding we helped Your Partnerships create an introductory video that gives you a feel for their networking group”

Your Partnerships started in Cornwall as Cornish Partnerships in 2018 founded by David Brock. In 2019 the partnerships were introduced to Devon by Lee Randall-Pybus. The incredible growth of the Partnerships prompted Brock and Lee to re-brand into Your Partnerships and now they are franchising out all over the United Kingdom.

The Brief

Your Partnerships have a different approach to the traditional membership networking group, so we were tasked with creating a video business card that would not only introduce the partnerships but also give a feel to what a meeting is like and what a potential guest can expect to experience when they arrive.

The Outcome

Your Partnerships – Torbay & Teignbridge now has a snappy and engaging video business card that can be used to introduce any potential new visitor to the partnerships, what they stand for, and what the average meeting is like when they attend.

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